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11th District Candidate Rally Draws Incumbent’s Curiosity

Ware at Legislative Session with Roanoke City Council

Ware at Legislative Session with Roanoke City Council

Four daunting men all dressed identical approached the crowd of about 25 people who had turned out for a rally held by Martin Jeffrey’s campaign Saturday afternoon. Jeffrey is a Democratic candidate opposing incumbent Delegate Onzlee Ware in a primary to be held June 9. All four men were dressed in black with matching T-shirt emblems and wore hats bearing Onzlee Ware’s name. Richard Chubb, Ware’s legislative aide was one of them. The men continued on past the crowd at Market and Salem streets to downtown where they continued to walk around the area. Jeffrey remarked later that Ware contends that there are “no gangs in Roanoke … [it] looked like a gang [to me] this afternoon.”

Mark Powell of Southeast Roanoke is Jeffrey’s campaign manager and strategist. Erin Lyles is his communication’s director. Jeffrey will not take any campaign donations from outside the 11th District. Jeffrey said that his website would be up and running soon with a video announcement. His campaign plans to solicit small donations “just as President Obama did.” Plans are to use networking tools and send thousands of emails out with his “unfiltered” message.

11th District Candidate

11th District Candidate

Powell set the stage for Jeffrey’s platform by highlighting the $70,000 of donations from PACs and special interests accumulated by the incumbent. He specifically named payday lenders and car title lenders. Ware supported “regulated” payday lending legislation. Ware had contended that payday lenders are a necessity for individuals experiencing an unanticipated emergency expense. Powell then recited his experience in attempting to contact his legislator with 3 phone calls and 2 emails never receiving a reply. Campaign staff handed out documents listing Ware’s campaign

contributions. The headline of the document read “Who does Onzlee Ware, your current State Legislator, work for?” VIEW THE VIDEO of the rally for the details and Jeffrey’s platform.

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