Thursday, May 28, 2009

11th District Democratic Primary Candidate Vows To Give $10,000

11th District Candidate

11th District Candidate

Today the Martin Jeffrey for Delegate Campaign is announcing that Jeffrey, who is seeking the nomination of the Democratic Party for the House of Delegates in the 11th District, will set aside a significant portion of his salary annually upon election to promote local organizations reflecting his priorities. The three priority issues highlighted by this commitment represent three of the policy areas that are part of Jeffrey’s overall Vision for the District (see website for additional information 


The campaign wants to state clearly that these commitments in no way represent or reflect any endorsement of the campaign by any of the organization recipients.


The Jeffrey Campaign announces this commitment to reflect its endorsement of these entities as appropriate vehicles through which significant progress can be made in the areas of Small/Green Business and Jobs Creation, A United Arts Fund, and A Regional Healthcare Solution/Strategy.


Jeffrey recently met with respective representatives of each of the following organizations to discuss his intentions to commit an annual portion of the delegate’s salary to efforts consistent with its priorities and public policy goals.


There will be three annual awards totaling $10,000.00. The current salary for the member of the House of Delegates is  $17,640.00.


The recipients of the awards will be as follows:


Citizens Coalition for Responsible Healthcare, Inc. – A citizens-driven effort to address concerns about rising healthcare costs in the Roanoke Valley, to find viable solutions to costs and coverage for the uninsured.

Contact: Ken King, Executive Director


The Arts Council of the Blue Ridge, Inc. – For efforts aimed at the eventual creation of a “United Arts Fund” that will provide annual operational assistance for arts and cultural organizations.

Contact: Laura Rallings, Executive Director


Williamson Road Business Association, Inc. – For efforts leading to the creation and development of small businesses and jobs with a particular focus on green industry opportunities. And the creation of a place where those efforts can be incubated  (“A Greencubator”).

Contact: Wendy Jones, Executive Director

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