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14th Annual Greater Griffith Open – Sen. Smith Bogies 1st Hole

8th District Delegate Morgan Griffith with son, Starke.

8th District Delegate Morgan Griffith with son, Starke.


Get a hole-in-one and win your choice of a Hot Wheel Thursday evening at the Greater Griffith Open. There were about 50 adults and children at 8th District Delegate Morgan Griffith’s fundraiser.

At the annual event Republican Griffith said that it gives him a chance to do a little politicking, raise a few dollars, and have a lot of fun. This Thursday was the rain date. Last week huddled under the shelter they made a unanimous decision to postpone when lightning was spotted.

Neither Griffith nor wife Hillary took up clubs to make the rounds. Of course they had to watch after sons Starke, 2 and Davis 4. Note most of my photos are of them or other children. Most endearing to watch the little-ones maneuvering the course.

Then there was Senator Ralph Smith on the 1st Hole, a par 2, which he finished with a triple bogie. Smith’s putting stance was flawless but I guess there was a “crosswind” or something. Me, the poperatzie probably didn’t help either.

On the political side I asked Delegate Griffith if he thought his Democratic opponent, Carter Turner presented a serious challenge. As far as Griffith knew Turner was not involved in the community prior to his opposition to the location of the asphalt plant. All Griffith knows about Turner is what is on his website.

Griffith went on to say that Mark Emick was his toughest challenger saying “Emick had served a number of years in community service.” He said while he takes Turner seriously as an opponent it appears from his own material that his community service since high school up to 8 months ago is lacking. Griffith said there may be other activities Turner has been involved in but all he has to go on is the contents of his campaign material. Griffith said he has run into him twice and “he seems like a nice fellow but I don’t know where he stands on any of the issues.”

I asked why Griffith supported the Marshall-Newman amendment to Virginia’s constitution (defining marriage between one woman and one man). Turner when asked the question at his announcement on July 27 stated:

Turner believes “that marriage should be between a man and a woman … I do believe, however, that all Virginians should have equal civil liberties.” He was not a supporter of the Marshall-Newman Amendment to the Virginia State Constitution. If the a bill came up to remove the amendment he said, “I would try to find ways of expanding civil rights laws.”

Griffith admitted that without the marriage amendment to Virginia’s constitution gay couples would still be prohibited from marrying. However, Griffith explained that when same-sex couples from states that allow same-sex marriage come to Virginia then “the Virginia courts would recognize it … this is my opinion though other attorneys may disagree … having it placed in the constitution will prevent us from being faced with the controversy.” He made the point that currently Virginia recognizes a common law marriage that is recognized in another state.

Though Griffith encouraged me to play a round of putt-putt golf I mumbled that I might but secretly feared being shown-up by the youngsters. CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGE.

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