Monday, March 25, 2013

McDonnell makes amendments to drones and texting but waiting …

Governor McDonnell continues finalizing actions on the transportation bill and budget amendments including action on Medicaid funding and reform.  Jeff Caldwell, Press Secretary in a press release said action on these bills will be taken near midnight tonight. The decisions will be communicated early Tuesday morning via press releases.

However, action has been taken on two pieces of legislation.  Details will be posted on the Legislative Information System sometime tomorrow.

According to Caldwell, amendments have been proposed to the drone moratorium and texting while driving bills. Please see below for our comments about those amendments. 


Governor McDonnell is sending amendments to the General Assembly on the drone moratorium bill that would allow the use of this technology for certain law enforcement operations such as the search or rescue of missing persons or in cases involving imminent danger to any person. This will allow law enforcement officials to use this developing technology to protect public safety while respecting individual rights of citizens and their expectation of privacy.  Additionally, these amendments clarify that this legislation does not apply to institutions of higher education or other entities engaged in research and development of this and related technology.  Lastly, the governor’s amendments will require that the Department of Criminal Justice Services help develop guidelines for the appropriate use of drones by law enforcement agencies in the future.


The governor believes that texting while driving is a dangerous activity and motorists should refrain from this, and all, distractions while behind the wheel. Texting is but one of many dangerous driving distractions that can cause crashes, injuries and deaths on Virginia highways. Drivers should concentrate on their responsibility of operating a motor vehicle safely and remaining in control at all times, and therefore should avoid texting and other distractions that can take their attention away from the roadway and cause accidents. The governor supports making texting while driving a primary offense, but has proposed to reduce the fines for convictions to bring them more in line with the penalties for comparable violations such as DUI and reckless driving.  Additionally, the governor’s amendments will require that the Department of Criminal Justice Services make training available to state and local law enforcement agencies for enforcement of this new law.

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