Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Poem – Fall Expectations

With leaf rake in hand
I set out to the yard
To gather the leaves
That had blown from afar.

A wind sent leaves swirling
Untamed by my effort
Moments of calm
Brought false hope and some comfort.

Waiting whirlwinds
Teased and laughed all the while
To dash my expectations
Of neatly stacked piles.

I accepted the futility
Of gathering every one
So with new-found wisdom
I gently helped them along.

Realizing that life
Is an attempt at neat piles
And that one fierce wind
Can scatter dreams for a mile.

Wouldn’t it be better
If all could agree
To just help them along
As they fall from the tree.

Posted By Valerie Garner

Categories: Commentary


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