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A Roanoke Cop’s Blog – anonymous

“Stupid criminals” is one of Jay Leno’s favorite news clip topics he reads to his audience on late night television.

Leno’s “stupid criminal” stories have nothing on some of the posts by this anonymous Roanoke City Cop. This 10-year Roanoke City street police officer is anonymous to all except possibly some of his fellow officers.

This reporter has been reading his blog since in started in July of 2008. His funny escapades include this one:

“Tonight there were no signs of forced entry. A brief chase ensued and resulted in a rookie jumping out of the car and running the suspect down on foot. A bit of good luck helped as the suspect had a rope dragging behind him. The rookie grabbed it and ran around a tree, tying the suspect up. Usually we like to use handcuffs but in this instance tying the suspect to a tree was more appropriate. He was after all a 500-pound donkey.
It was hilarious, the rookie chasing the donkey down the street, grabbing the rope and then running in circles around the tree. There were a few jokes about cops chasing donkeys. Except we used the common slang for the animal.”

Though this would make anyone laugh there are the not-so-funny stories that would make not only a grown man cry but give them nightmares.

“A 6 year old child hit by a car in a shopping center. I kneeled down and cradled his head in my arms. I was telling him he was ok and was trying to calm him down but that’s not what sticks with me. Holding him in my lap and stroking his hair, telling him he’ll be ok and to stay still. Knowing now what was unknown to me then, that I was holding a dying child in my arms, that’s what sticks with me.
People may not believe in ghosts but I see them all the time. I see the ghost of that little boy laying in my arms in the parking lot every time I drive by.”
You may be thinking this reporter would be curious to know the name of the author of “Roanoke Cop”. I don’t need to know his name – he is every police officer I see. Click here for the link to the Roanoke Cop Blog.
At the bottom of his blog is this disclaimer:
** The opinions and views expressed here are mine, and mine alone. They don’t necessarily reflect the policies and views of the police department or the City of Roanoke. The stories I tell here are all true but my purpose is not technical accuracy like my reports or testimony. My purpose is to illustrate the nature of my job in an educational and entertaining way.

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February 14th, 2009 at 9:18 PM    

Thank you for the kind words about my blog. I’m still a bit shocked people spend time in their busy day to read my ramblings. Thanks!


February 16th, 2009 at 5:14 PM    

I’m a loyal reader of the Roanoke Cop blog. What makes the blog so fascinating is that this cop is at once professional, compassionate, and fair–everything we want in our public servants. He really can take you “to the street” and his stories are funny, poignant, outrageous, and tragic…he sees the absolute worst of humanity and yet maintains a quiet optimism and faith in us. As a Roanoke resident, it makes me feel safer knowing he’s out there.

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