Tuesday, June 16, 2009

AEP to Spend $82 Million on Transmission Line Project

Representatives from American Electric Power gave Council the briefing they had requested regarding  the placement of APCo’s new transmission lines. Council members had concerns about the visual  impact the lines would have on the Roanoke River Greenway.

Archie Pugh, the projects manager assured Council that there would be little visual impact  where the lines cross the greenway. The lines cross near Bennington Street at the Viscoe Plant location and at the Western Virginia Water Plant. See the simulation in the first picture provided by AEP below.

The Tinker Creek Greenway view would be shielded by trees and they indicated that no trees would need to be cut.

The proposed transmission line will span high above the existing greenway.

The future greenway addition will parallel approximately 2,000 feet of APCo’s right-of-way near the Western Virginia Water Authority. The transmission line will have low visual contrast with the existing industrial land use; hence low to no visual impacts are expected on the future trail expansion.

Councilman Rupert Cutler said that the Water Authority was supportive of the process and offered use of the Water Plant area for a substation.

Tom Carr, Director of Planning said that a public hearing was held at Fallon Park and was lightly attended.

AEP said that the Department of Environmental Quality is supportive with only a few more environmental studies yet to be completed.

APCo coordinated the line location with the City, WVWA facility, and Greenway representatives. Construction of the project would begin at the earliest in 2011.

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