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AG Cuccinelli on donation caps, judges, elections and Ho Chi Minh – Part IV

Four Part hour interview with AG Ken Cuccinelli March, 2012

Cuccinelli says “no caps” on donations for his campaign

Caps on donations: 

As far as the Center for Public Integrity’s complaint that Virginia had no caps on campaign contributions Cuccinelli doesn’t agree but if there was it should be very high he said. “I’d have a real problem picking some line to reign in first amendment rights.”

He concluded that he’d benefit more than anyone else if there were campaign donation caps. When he campaigned in the senate he said he had “many, many more small donors.” He claimed to now have over three times the number of donors than Governor McDonnell had in 2009. “We absolutely dust [the Lt. Governor] in terms of small donors,” he said of his fundraising for the Republican nomination for governor in 2013.

“It’s just free speech and I’ve been outspend in four races and I’ve won all four. Would I like to outspend an opponent some day? I would. If I’m going to be running against Terry McAuliffe (the expected Democratic gubernatorial nominee) the odds are it’s not going to be this race,” he said laughing at the idea of initiating donation caps for his 2013 campaign.


“There is nothing perfect,” he said when it comes to legislative selection of judges. He believes judges should have terms and not life appointments. “It gets you the best combination of accountability and insulation that you can have.”

One of the things Cuccinelli said he did as a Fairfax senator was to focus on judges coming up for reappointment. “Not that I was out to get them or anything but I wanted to make sure they were working hard … moving cases through at a reasonable clip and that they were judging consistently and intelligently.”

Legislators would want the Virginia State Bar doing it because they also tend to be in the direction of a sort of a George Soros type organization said Cuccinelli.

Judges are reviewed and their ratings are kept private. “We need to hold judges accountable and if they don’t like people seeing their job reviews than don’t be a judge,” he said.

Elections – President and U.S. Senate:

Cuccinelli wouldn’t divulge who he voted for in the Republican primary and that he’d pull for whoever was the eventual Republican nominee. “I’ve organized several of my fellow attorney generals to gather up all the information on all the lawbreaking the President [Obama] and his administration has done.”

“Virginia’s ballot was embarrassing quite frankly,” said Cuccinelli. Turnout this year was half of what it was four years ago he said. “It just points out what a terrible system we have. Mitt Romney’s best friend is Newt Gingrich – Newt’s doing more to keep Romney ahead of Santorum than anybody else.”

“I watch TV returns and though I love this stuff even I’m getting a little bored, “ he laughed.

He took a swipe at the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, Tim Kaine, saying that as DNC chair he was the Democrats attack dog. Besides that he thinks he’ll have a hard time explaining that when he was governor – He raised taxes, tried to send the double murderer, Jens Soering, back to Germany, gave away the Dullas toll road, a failed transportation special session and the abusive driver fee fiasco. “Remember the explosion that caused,” he said.

“That even upset Charlottesville, how does a liberal upset Charlottesville? They think Ho Chi Minh is a right-winger,” he said while laughing. He explained that the reason he said Charlottesville was intended to be a dig at UVA professors and that Soaring was a student there. Kaine has never explained why he wanted to release Soering said Cuccinelli.

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