Wednesday, March 15, 2017

AG Herring on decision by federal district judge in Hawaii to block Trump’s revised travel ban

Attorney General Mark R. Herring issued the following statement regarding the decision by a federal district judge in Hawaii to block President Trump’s new, scaled-back travel order from taking effect:

“President Trump tried to trim and tailor his new ban to avoid legal problems, but when something is as tainted as his Muslim ban it’s not hard to see it for exactly what it is. I’m proud to have been part of the fight against this unlawful, unconstitutional, and deeply un-American ban, both in courts here in the Commonwealth and as part of a united effort of state attorneys general.”

Attorney General Herring filed an amicus brief in support of Hawaii’s request for an injunction against the scaled-back new order. He previously won the nation’s first and only preliminary injunction against the original travel ban in a case in federal district court in Virginia, and filed an amicus brief in support of Washington’s challenge to the original ban.

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