Saturday, November 15, 2008

Alternative Gifts Fair – Christ Episcopal Church

Donna Bollinger (above) of Native Grace at Her Table.
Faye Dundore (left) in front of Peru School Building model.

Christ Episcopal Church held its second annual Alternative Gifts Fair Sunday as part of their commitment to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. United Nations Member States, groups of States and civil society partners, have defined concrete steps to eradicate hunger and poverty and achieve universal primary education by 2015.

Jackie Stanley and Denise Legg organized the fair. Deborah Hunley is Rector of Christ Episcopal and Stephen Stanley is Associated Rector.

Natural Grace (Fair Trade Gifts) had a table with items made in a variety of countries that adhere to safe and humane working conditions. Donna Bollinger, owner and graduate of Divinity School, has a store located at 108 Church Street.

Funds were raised by either purchasing handmade items, by direct donations, or by silent auction. Half of all funds raised goes to completion of a school in Peru. The other half goes to Highland Park School in Roanoke city.

Christ Church has entered a partnership with Highland Park Learning Center, a Roanoke public magnet school in the Old Southwest neighborhood. Church members help with school projects or volunteer as tutors, mentors or “lunch buddies,” and by contributing supplies for use at the school.

IDUKAYPERU [the word in Quechua, the Inka language, for “educate”] is a government–recognized NGO that operates the only functioning school in Fertiza, a desperately poor shantytown on the outskirts of Lima that is virtually invisible to the Peruvian government, the affluent, and the business community. It is IdukayPeru’s mission to work to empower the people through education, health services, and other forms of assistance.

They only need about $4,000 more to finish the first floor of the new 2135 sq. ft. schoolhouse and the Peruvian children can then move in.

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