Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Amendment to halt NSA tracking of U.S. citizens fails – video

Rep. Morgan Griffith

Rep. Morgan Griffith

The Conyers-Amash amendment vote on an amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill failed Wednesday night in a vote of 217-205. The amendment would have effectively ended the National Security Agency’s (NSA) blanket surveillance of American citizens. The NSA has created a database of U.S. citizens phone numbers for tracking calls from suspected terrorists.

Virginia Rep. Morgan Griffith and Bobby Scott voted for it and Rep. Goodlatte and Hurt voted against it.

Virginia’s Rep. Morgan Griffith said: “While the Amash-Conyers amendment that would rein in the NSA’s data gathering capabilities on U.S. citizens who aren’t suspects failed, I am proud to be a part of a bipartisan group of Congressmen and women who believe our first duty is to protect and uphold the freedoms recognized by the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights.  While we fell a few votes short this evening, we will continue our efforts on behalf of freedom loving Americans.”

Congressman John Conyers (D-MI) contends that “if the government cannot provide a clear, public explanation for how its program is consistent with the statute, then it must stop collecting this information immediately.”

Detractors claim that it is an intrusion into the private lives of American citizens and is more than just an invasion of privacy, it is a dangerous precedent. Even in the name of public safety or national security, there is simply no need for the NSA to collect the phone records of virtually every single American said Conyers.

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