Friday, June 22, 2007

Another Deadline Date Looms

The deadline for the development team to respond to the May 9th letter is August 1st. Consideration will then be given to extend or not extend the operating agreement with Meadowbrook following the August 1st deadline. That is assuming that this is a serious deadline as we have had so many dealines extended now I have lost count. This information did not come directly from the City Administration. The questions asked at City Council Monday evening, June 18th, have not been answered as instructed by City Council. I have been informed that Ms. Burcham is on vacation. I would have thought that Mr. Townsend, the assistant manager would have responded in her stead. I submitted a Freedom of Information Request to Chris Chittum and City Attorney, William Hackworth yesterday – No response as of today. You would have thought we would have been informed of the new date.

Posted By Valerie Garner

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