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AR-15 accessory simulates an automatic weapon VIDEO



Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich clued me in on this. Newt called out the accessory that turns the AR-15 from a “pull the trigger” semi-automatic into a rapid fire automatic without pulling the trigger.

It was on one of many of Newt’s appearances on a talk show during a heated discussion on President Obama’s gun control executive orders. All I’ve heard from the gun-rights activists is that the AR-15 “look-alike” military rifle is a semi-automatic. The argument is that it is perfectly legal and not a machine gun.

Knowing basically nothing about guns except the Annie Oakley rifle and “cap gun” I had as a kid I took this argument at face value. Ahhh … the smell and smoke from a cap gun <sniff>. If a kid wasn’t lucky enough to have a cap pistol he could just hit the caps with a rock.

It was Newt that brought the semi-automatic argument to a screeching halt when he declared that the AR-15 could be converted easily to an automatic with an accessory called a “Slide Stock.” Newt couldn’t be right as surely the ATF would not allow such an accessory I thought.

But there it was in all its deadly glory a “Slide Stock” costing around $350. The website said it “will shock you like nothing you have ever seen.” The retailer says to “buy a Slide Fire now before the Feds change their minds!”

The retailer also explained that it comes with an ATF letter saying that it is a legal AR-15 accessory and “several thousand have been sold.” It says the manufacturer doesn’t call the capability “simulated automatic fire” but that is the result.

“There isn’t going to be any way to get around what this thing does and I think it is best to call it what it is.” The letter from the ATF approving the stock says the applicant claims it “is intended to assist persons whose hands have limited ability to “bump-fire.”

It is an invention of an U.S. Air Force veteran, Jeremiah Cottle. On the website he claims it can shoot a full magazine.”It just helps you fire the gun in semi-automatic very fast.”

The retailer goes on to say that another accessory called an Accelerator was recalled by the ATF and feared that the ATF would do the same with the Slide Stock. The argument is that because the Slide Stock has no moving parts the ATF would have to change the definition of a machinegun if they wanted to ban it. “The only thing firing the gun is you.”

If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck – it is a damn duck. The ATF is asleep at the wheel. Note in the video the shooter is using what looks to be a 100 round drum.

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Bubba Greene

January 29th, 2013 at 5:43 PM    

Val: I think maybe you have, quite by accident and not yet even aware of what the real arguments on this subject should be, stumbled on the real issue. First of all, check around and you will find more info on these modifications. At best they are said to only “crudely” replicate a fully automatic weapon. The real issue however in the debate should be on the rate of fire, PERIOD. Not if it is a black gun, an “AR” or a 30 round magazine. The attention should be simply the rate of fire. However, once you enter that territory you will discover a whole lot of firearms have potentially objectionable “rates of fire”, including Pa’s old Savage duck gun. Or even a cheap 9 shot 22 pistol. And where that takes you is into an essentially total and complete firearms ban, which is where so may unenlightened libs “claim” they have no intention of going…but they lie!


January 29th, 2013 at 8:39 PM    

Yes Bubba, cruising around the Internet I came across what you are saying. Seems like a losing battle. I sort of already knew that. This is just one accessory that never should have been approved by the ATF but maybe they are following the law of “no moving parts.”

The barn door has been open too long to advance any meaningful controls without banning completely and recalling weapons already sold.

I understand the “rates of fire” and you’d think the ATF would look at that aspect of any weapon or accessory.

Perhaps they are inhibited by law. I did hear they have less authority than people know.

Bubba Greene

January 30th, 2013 at 12:19 AM    

So I read recently that some “authority” claims the US has 315 million personal firearms in circulation and currently selling more at a record pace. I just added one last night and one prior to that about 2 weeks ago. Personal citizen to citizen transaction don’t ya know. And I’m looking to add a few more soon too. Now, the thing is that NO authorities have records of most of what I own so how they going to come get ’em? “Re-call” them! HA HA HA HA New word for confiscation. Go on and say it Val. And you know in this gun culture that I live in most firearms are also personal citizen to citizen sales. Why I’d say that of the 315 million well more that half are totally beyond “recall”. So tell me Val, when you passt this recall act do you think the criminals will submit. I think while you are outlawing things like guns there are several other things you might want to outlaw as well. Start with drinking and driving. Then go one down the list of things like Murder, rape, etc,etc. Once all these social evils have been successfully banned we can all sit around the camp fire and roast weenies and sign nice little songs.

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