Monday, December 12, 2011

Offer to profit off of Virginia Tech shooting

I received the following offer in my “info” email box today. I am stunned. What kind of person thinks first about making money off of a tragedy? Chalk one up for capitalism and entrepreneurship – feeling a bit naive an nauseated. (Email follows below)


I would like to know if you are interested in purchasing the domain name

Based on your contact information I see that you own, correct? can provide an SEO boost in this market, sending new leads and new traffic to your existing site. [A redirect] and an exact match keyword domain is more cost effective than paying for CPC advertising (advertisers are paying $1.96 per click for these exact keywords). This domain can help improve, secure, and protect your web branding identity while bringing in relevant keyword searches that you would not have received otherwise. 

The price for this domain is just $375. I am reaching out to other related businesses in the next few days, and this domain will go to the first company who replies. Please reply if you are interested. 

If this domain is not of interest, simply reply to this email with your industry category and keywords and I can respond with available domains. 

Thank you, 


1040 Hosbrook Dr.

Cincinnati, OH 45236

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