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Attorney General candidate Rob Bell pushes Photo ID mandate

Delegate Rob Bell (R-58) stands to the right of Lt. Governor Bill Bolling.

Delegate Rob Bell (R-58) stands to the right of Lt. Governor Bill Bolling.

Delegate Rob Bell (R-58) and candidate for Attorney General takes aim and voter fraud. Del. Bell sent this email to Virginia voters highlighting his “no exception” photo ID bill requirement in order to vote. See his other bills below and his objection to automatic restoration of voter rights for non-violent felons.

Elections are intended to reflect the will of the voters. But too often these votes are offset by those who are not legally eligible to vote. After the 2008 election, State Police issued 39 warrants for voter fraud, and identified another 194 instances where a violation likely occurred. Last fall, for the 2012 election, Democratic field operative Pat Moran, was caught on camera talking about how to “forge” a utility bill to make it easier to commit fraud.

This week I introduced four bills to help address voter fraud issues in Virginia:

1. No Exceptions Photo ID – (HB 1787): This will require voters to present a valid government issued-photo identification in order to vote. For those without an ID, these will be available at the DMV for eligible citizens, and for those who cannot afford the documentation, Virginia will provide the needed documentation at no cost to the voter.

2. Citizenship Review at Registration – (HB 1788): This will be similar to what is already done when a Virginian gets a driver’s license.

3. Criminal Records Check – (HB 1765): There will be a criminal background check for each new voter when he registers, and a full comparison of voter rolls to the criminal records will be made every year, to ensure that felons who are already on the rolls are removed.

4. End to Double Registration – (HB 1764): Full implementation of the ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center) system or an equivalent system, to ensure that no voter is registered to vote in more than one state.

I have worked with the State Board to ensure that the last two bills compliment the work they are already doing to improve the accuracy of our voter rolls.

These measures have been assigned to the Privileges and Elections Committee, and I hope for favorable consideration in the next few weeks. If you support them, I hope you will click here to sign the Photo ID – No Excuses Petition.

PS: There has been discussion in Richmond of an automatic restoration of voting rights to convicted felons. I oppose this measure – I think the current system, where after serving their sentence, each Virginia felon can apply and have his application individually reviewed, is the right approach.

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