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Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli paid to be paranoid – Part I

Cuccinelli5_webMarch 2012: This is Part One of my hour long interview with Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli prior to his Roanoke town hall on electric rates last Tuesday.

It was a close quarters one on one interviw in a small conference room the size of a closet at his Peters Creek Road Roanoke office. The door was closed … but let me clarify we were not alone!

After talking about electric rates and the reason for the town halls I asked him what he thought of the state mandating ultrasounds while he is suing the Feds for mandating insurance coverage. It was one of those questions you knew what the answer was going to be before you asked it.

His response was “anything that the federal government can’t do the state government can as long as it doesn’t violate the constitution.” The state has more control over individuals he said, “and the founders wanted it that way.” He said the state has very broad “police power” (as in health and welfare authority) over its citizens.

He thought the ultrasound state mandate would hold up in court if an attempt were made to block it.

“On the other hand health care has always been managed by the states,” he said. “Requirements on how to operate in the medical profession to that level of specificity are something that you typically only get from the states. With ultrasounds as long as what we’re dealing with is another element of informed consent providing pictures that are already being taken – there is nothing new with it.” However, he said “I’m paid to be paranoid.” He was sure they would prevail if a lawsuit was brought.

He admitted though that there could be judges who would rule differently than the appeals court did in the Texas case. On appeal the lower court injunction was overturned. As a result Texas law requires that abortion providers perform an ultrasound on pregnant women, show and describe the image and play sounds of the fetal heartbeat. The woman is not forced to listen. I suppose she can don a set of those silent headphones. (check “Cuccinelli” tag for past AG articles.)

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