Thursday, July 12, 2007

Banner going here on the corner ….

The banner coming soon to Cove and Ranch.
At our meeting Monday, July 9th, we discussed moving the banner that is now on the pavilion to another spot. Good news – John Kahn, the owner of the lots on the corner of Cove and Ranch gave his permission to put the banner there. It will diagonally face towards Peters Creek and be placed at the high point of the lot. Now we just need to get a “man’s man” to figure out the best method to hang it. If this sounds like a “butter up” to get volunteers then I confess.
We are continuing our petition and will bring numbers again to our National Night Out picnic Tuesday, August 7th, 6:30 PM, at the Countryside Pavilion. There will be no regular monthly meeting in August. National Night out on August 7th will serve for informal discussion and information sharing. Look for more information on National Night Out in emails coming soon.
Listen to WFIR on Monday and …KEEP THE FAITH as Rev. Carl Tinsley advised us Monday night after the Virginia Baptist Association banquet. For those who did not attend our meeting Monday evening – the banquet let out the same time we concluded our meeting. We were quite a sight in our yellow SAVE T-Shirts in contrast to the formal attire of the banquet attendees. However, we received almost a full page of enthusiastic signatures including Rev. Tinsley who promptly “demanded” a T-Shirt. Yes, Rev. Tinsley, we will KEEP THE FAITH!
PS: The Planning Commission will vote on the name change Thursday, July 19th. Then a vote by Council members will have to wait until the August 6th, 2:00 PM, Council meeting.

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July 12th, 2007 at 3:27 AM    

Excellent news Valerie! You’re getting good at that photo stuff here…that banner already looks like it’s at home on that corner.

People I don’t know keep asking me about t-shirts. The clerk at the Verizon store supports saving the course. Members of my VWCC classes expressed strong feelings about saving the course. Everywhere I go, people are looking and learning from me.

I would encourage everyone here with a shirt or a tag to wear them out as much as possible. People will stare at you and many will ask you what’s up with Countryside. Frankly, most had no idea the city owned the property and is trying to destroy the course.

I listened to a rebroadcast of Jimmy Valvano’s famous “Don’t Ever Give Up” speech at the ESPY’s 13 years ago. While he was referring to the fight against cancer and life in general, I think it has relevance to our situation. Here are some things he had to say:

“How do you go from where you are to where you wanna be? … I think you have to have an enthusiasm for life. You have to have a dream, a goal. And you have to be willing to work for it.”

“I just got one last thing, I urge all of you, all of you, to enjoy your life, the precious moments you have. To spend each day with some laughter and some thought, to get you’re emotions going. To be enthusiastic every day and [as] Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Nothing great could be accomplished without enthusiasm” — to keep your dreams alive in spite of problems whatever you have. The ability to be able to work hard for your dreams to come true, to become a reality.”

“Don’t give up, don’t ever give up.”

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