Monday, June 4, 2007

Banner is Missing – Banner Found!

About eight of our members came to the Forum sponsored by the Roanoke City Democratic Committee on Saturday morning, June 2nd. Al, Virginia, and myself came early to hand out fliers to attendees and have them sign our petition. Councilman Lea and WIshneff had accepted the invitation but were a “no show”. All signed except Bill Bestpitch and Bill Carter. We had a “lively” exchange about the property during the forum. It seems they have a misconception that the golf course was/is not profitable. They learned this during their tenure in City Council in 2000. Susan Hall asked the two Bills “WHO” told them that and they looked at each other and fumbled on the question. I think I know what Susan was getting at. I then explained that I was in possession of FOIA material regarding the finances of the golf course along with a letter from Meadowbrook to the City in 2003 stating that the course being one of their most profitable.

Those who signed were Don Caldwell, Granger MacFarlane, Bill White, David Bowers, and our esteemed Virginia State Senator John Edwards. Senator Edwards expressed his dismay of our plight and signed the petition.

As second speaker I spoke about our vision for the Countryside property. I displayed the map and repeated the need for parks and recreation in NW City as demonstrated by the consultant who was hired by the City to update the Parks and Recreation Master Plan. I emphasized the pride we had in having this golf course in our community and that it brings guests from the airport hotels and all over the State and country. I have met many golfers from Wisconsin to Alabama and more on the 12th fairway.

The forum was very successful and as I understand there will be another in August. Channel 7 was the only media who covered the forum – see the video here: CLICK HERE then on the Video.

UPDATE – Banner was taken down temporary and it will be back up tomorrow:

The “SAVE COUNTRYSIDE” banner is back up at the pavilion as we received permission from the GM and Corporate Headquarters to leave it there permanently. See the picture in previous post of the banner. The GM has also allowed us to leave a petition for golfers to sign. It is on the bulletin board with a bright yellow attention getting sign.
I thank the Saunder’s for hosting our meeting this evening and it was VERY productive. We will be thinking about what we discussed and have already made some decisions. Our regular meeting will still be Monday, June 11th at 7:00 PM at the Holiday in on Frontage Road (look for the meeting signs). I will have some copies of the FOIA material available to those who did not receive them in email. Below I am posting the more detailed map of the developer’s plan:
****Update: Though I contacted all of Council – none had a clue what I was talking about in the rezoning of the William Fleming parcels. I sent this map and included the tax numbers … I thank our member, Becky, for bringing it to my attention but I’m sorry they did not get it. It had NOTHING to do with Countryside.

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