Wednesday, November 2, 2011

BOS candidate gives Friday deadline for investigation

Carter Turner

Statement from Carter Turner: The public has a right to know. That right cannot be repealed even by a Board Chairman known for his “influence.” No closed door room can avoid public accountability when public money is spent. Whether it’s 22,000 or 2 dollars, public money cannot be spent in secret…that is why there are laws against it. We ask simply for government in the sunshine, government in the open.

The County Attorney of Roanoke stated for the Roanoke Times (October 23, 2011) that the county’s $22,400 payment to Ms. Meador was not “severance” funding.

Here are the questions that need to be answered:

1. If the spending was not severance, then what was it?

 2. When was the public vote taken to spend this money?

 3. What was the vote count for this action?

 4. Specifically, why was this action taken?

 We have a right and even a responsibility to ask who, when, what—and why.

 Roanoke County is not Washington. We do not expect our officials to hide behind public relations, or a public attorney called to do private and political “planations.”

If reasonable, open, and clear answers are not provided by 5:00 PM on Friday, November 4, I will then ask for an impartial investigator to be recruited…someone not directly answerable to the influence and dictates of the Board Chair.

This issue deals with more than a $22,400 “bill” to taxpayers; it deals with a basic “bill of rights” for Roanoke County taxpayers and staff.

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