Monday, April 13, 2009

Assault Charges Filed Against Chair of The Roanoke City Democratic Committee

As a result of an altercation between Tony Reed, Roanoke City Democratic Committee Chair and Mark Powell, campaign manager for Democratic nominee 11th District, Martin Jeffrey, simple assault charges have been filed against Tony Reed and a summons issued. This was confirmed by the Magistrate’s office. The charge was made on Saturday, April 11th at 3:26 PM and a court date is set for May 13th. According to Powell it is a personal issue between himself and the Democratic City Chair Tony Reed and is not reflective of either Ware’s or Jeffrey’s campaign.

In a memo (previously posted here) the altercation was described to State Party Chair, Richard “Dickie” Cranwell. Also in a previous post a recount of the altercation that took place at Friday’s filing deadline at about 5:00 PM at the Noel C. Taylor Municipal building CLICK HERE FOR POST. Another contentious encounter also took place about 5 hours later at the Books-A-Million when Reed presented incumbent Delegate Onzlee Ware’s filing documents as was requested by Powell earlier as allowed by the City Committee bylaws.

Richard “Dickie” Cranwell when contacted confirmed receipt of the Memo and said he referred it to Levar Stoney, Executive Director of The Democratic Party. According to Cranwell he expects consultation with the Jeffrey campaign on how to proceed with the complaint – that being complaint to the Democratic City Committee, appeal to the 6th District, and then to the Central Committee.

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Joe Williams

April 15th, 2009 at 1:59 PM    


Bubba Green

April 15th, 2009 at 5:33 PM    

Figures. Reed is an arrogant black man with a very bad attituted. Reed is bad for the city and bad for the party and needs to go. When will the Roanoke City Dems wise up and become the force in local politics they could be? Never! thank goodness and thank the likes of Reed for keeping the hopes of the repubs alive. We’ll get it together some day and kick some serious butt!


April 22nd, 2009 at 9:42 AM    

The Democratic leadership we have chosen to present us is a disgrace! We as a people already have little faith in our public leaders, and now we see why. They have no idea what the people of Roanoke want or need (especially Mr. Ware), and they don’t care. It is all about what is best for them. The Democratic leadership today is a stain on our community as a whole. When our leaders fail to do what is right the people follow suit, it is no wander our country is going to HELL in a hand basket. As an African American I already feel that the voting process is a waste time because of leaders like Mr. Reed and Mr. Caldwell (who has his own agenda). Future leaders of tomorrow have no chance of having a fair voting process, because of the GOOD-OLD-BOY mentality.

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