Saturday, August 22, 2009

BREAKING: Gubernatorial Debate Scheduled at Roanoke College

Valerie & Creigh Deeds at the Roanoker Restaurant

Valerie & Creigh Deeds at the Roanoker Restaurant

Saturday morning the Roanoker restaurant was host to an intimate relaxed breakfast with Creigh Deeds, wife Pam and daughter, staff and friends. It was raining buckets. Deeds Democratic candidate for Governor and Carter Turner Democratic candidate for the 8th District both had sausage and gravy biscuits as did yours truly (1/2 portion).

Last night I asked Deeds at the Salem headquarters if there would be a gubernatorial debate in Roanoke. He was unsure at the time.

This morning Deeds said that a debate in Roanoke will take place on October 20 sponsored by WSLS Channel 10 with Jay Warren as moderated. The place confirmed to be yet to be determined Roanoke College is a possibility.

After breakfast the team was on their way to Lakewood Park to kick off a walking tour in the rain no less. At least the rain subsided by afternoon.
Creigh Deeds, Carter Turner and friends
Creigh Deeds, Carter Turner and friends

At the same time Republican candidate Bob McDonnell held a rally at his headquarters at Ogden and 419. I went by for a quick look but just missed McDonnell.

Though Ben Tribbett “stood me up” and was suppose to meet me at the Roanoker –  I’m glad I went. It was nice just to sit casually and enjoy Deeds, Turner and friends without analyzing or interviewing.

In private settings both campaigns have respect for each other. Realizing that, makes politics more palatable. Those moments are refreshing but fleeting as it’s back on the campaign trail to the “politics as usual” – whatever that means.

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