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Brian Keenum Independent for Roanoke City Sheriff – Video

Brian Keenum, Independent for Roanoke City Sheriff

Brian Keenum, Independent for Roanoke City Sheriff

Brian Keenum was asked his views on the current sniper training controversy swirling in the sheriff’s department. He was hesitant to be critical as recounts of the controversy continue to emerge – see The Roanoke Times article.Keenum did say that though he was not familiar with Paul Castle’s tactics he does know Lt. Chuck Ferguson who leads the Emergency Response Team. Keenum said, “Ferguson is very competent and well-trained … I would find it  hard to believe that he would put them in harms way … I would never put any of my deputies in harms way.”

Keenum elaborated saying that one of his main responsibilities would be to protect the people who work for him. “You can’t protect the citizens if you can’t protect the people who protect the citizens,” said Keenum.

When asked about the Information Officer position that Sheriff Octavia Johnson’s sister holds Keenum believes that opportunities for federal funds are being missed. He believes a “grant writer position”  is more productive then having someone speak for the sheriff.

When asked why he is not running under a political party umbrella Keenum said, “a sheriff should not be partisan … in the past that has not been the case.”

Keenum graduated from Patrick Henry High School in 1994 and has two sons who were at his announcement.  He has lived in Roanoke all his life.  He was a volunteer EMT for 8 years is currently a high school Division 3 college currently a high school and Division 3 college football official.  He has worked and volunteered for Special Olympics for 8 years. Keenum’s campaign slogan is “Accountability, Compassion, Service.” CLICK HERE for Keenum’s website

Keenum’s announcement was watched by Norman Hudson who is a Lieutenant in the Court Division of the sheriff’s department. Hudson is expected to announce as an Independent for  sheriff but needs to establish residency. Norman Hudson is the nephew of Alvin Hudson former sheriff and council member. Also vying for sheriff as Democratic candidates are Joe Bush and Frank Garrett. They will face-off in the June 9th primary.

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