Sunday, December 5, 2010

Brian Moran is new Virginia Democratic Party Chair (video)

Peter Rousselot and Brian Moran with Dickie Cranwell in background.

What does Vanna White and Ken Cuccinelli have in common? They were both “celebrities” mentioned at the Democratic Party of Virginia meeting held at the Marriott in Newport News on Saturday.

With powerful backers like U.S. Senator Mark Warner Brian Moran became the successor to Dickie Cranwell who has served as DPVA chair for five years.

Brian Moran came in third in the Democratic primary for governor in 2009.

Bloggers have attempted to discredit Brian Moran because of his federal lobbying efforts on behalf of for-profit private schools. According to Ben Tribbett (Not Larry Sabato) and Lowell Feld (Blue Virginia) this put Moran at odds with President Obama. Obama is seeking to curtail aggressive recruiting practices of for-profit schools. Virginia law prohibits party chairs from state lobbying. Cranwell cleared that up with an attorney November 5 – the law only applies to state lobbying.

Much of the central committee’s Dec. 4th meeting was taken up by a live auction. The auction had everything from a handmade scarf, jewelry, wine and cheese to a signed copy of Patrick Kennedy’s book, “Coming Clean.” The book went for $100. Cranwell’s southern charm, humor and auctioning skills brought roars of laughter as he gestured to the invisible “lovely Vanna White” of Wheel of Fortune fame.

Candidate Peter Rousselot former Arlington County Democratic Committee chair spoke to the membership first saying, “Virginia has been made a laughing stock in other parts of the country because of the antics of this guy Ken Cuccinelli and we’ve got to put a stop to it.”

Rousselot recounted a conversation he had with a potential contributor who said, “I just don’t have the confidence that everyone is pulling together.” He said he would work full-time and promised a 134 local committee strategy by reaching out to local democratic chairs.

Brian Moran got a rousing ovation at his introduction. The applause continued as he stressed keeping control of the state Senate and capturing the House of Delegates. “We will restore a Democrat in the governor’s mansion and we will surely keep Virginia blue in 2012,” proclaimed Moran.

Moran believes communication is key. He added that recruiting and supporting good candidates is paramount and Democrats must “get started right now to win in November … now is the time to return to our winning ways.”

After Moran spoke Dr. Ferguson Reid the first African American elected to the Virginia General Assembly since Reconstruction came to the podium. He called for Democrats to “go back to the basics … voter registration … voter education and get out the vote [efforts].”

The final vote was by acclamation. The secret ballot vote totals for each candidate were not divulged. Even committee members will never know how each congressional district voted.

At the end Rousselot stepped to the podium saying, “I’d like to make a motion that the central committee elect as our next chair unanimously Brian Moran.” Cranwell yelled to thunderous applause “all in favor say aye” … members roared back in response “aye” and with one wave of the magic DPVA scepter “poof” Brian Moran became (no, not a toad smart alecks) the new DPVA chair.

Brian Moran talks about running for Democratic Party of Virginia Chair (video)

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