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Brian Moran Says McAuliffe Promises the Moon – Supports Repeal of Marshall-Newman Amendment

Brian Moran

Brian Moran

Moran railed on Terry McAuliffe his opponent in the democratic primary scheduled for June 9th. Brian Moran was at the Roanoke Country Club for a noon fundraiser Wednesday. He began his remarks to about 25 people with “no I didn’t bring the President with me today.” President Bill Clinton came to support McAuliffe for Governor on Monday. Moran wondered how the current President felt about McAuliffe who supported his opposition for 2 years – that being Hillary Clinton now Secretary of State in the Obama administration.

Former Senator Granger MacFarlane sparked the flame when asking how Moran was going to compete with McAuliffe’s money and high profile backers. “Terry is not a Northern Virginian,” said Moran then someone else interjected that “he is not a Virginian.” Moran claims McAuliffe has no base in Northern Virginia and he has done absolutely zero in Northern Virginia.” He disputes McAuliffe’s claims of having five businesses in Virginia saying “you can’t find them.” He said that McAuliffe’s claims of creating thousands of jobs in Virginia “is just not true.” Moran is not going to hold back when it comes to McAuliffe stressing that he likes Craigh Deeds but believes he can beat the Republican candidate Bob McDonnell where Deeds can not.

“McAuliffe is promising everything – pandering to every group,” said Moran responding to MacFarlane. Moran told him that, “at the VEA debate McAuliffe not only promised higher teacher salaries, he promised to pay off their car loan – he promised to pay off their college loans – he promised to payoff their mortgages.”  Raising his voice Moran said “I can’t compete against that!” McAuliffe is promising the stars, the sun, and the moon. His television ads in Hampton Roads are cutting into Moran’s support. Moran said McAuliffe does not have a record of “fighting for Virginians and when I win the primary I will have the resources.” Moran resigned his seat as Delegate for Fairfax County in December 2008 to devote full time to his campaign.

Moran said that everyone says they will reach across the isle to work in a bipartisan way musing that “you really, really have to reach with Morgan Griffin.” Moran said “he knew who to get in that room to get things done.”

Taking questions about transportation Moran said he is against raising the gas tax asserting that it is a “declining revenue source.” He acknowledged that it has to be a revenue source that keeps pace with inflation and he thinks that the Transportation Trust Fund should be used only for transportation. He supports a constitutional amendment to that effect.

A one cent statewide sales tax increase for transportation was proposed by Moran but received little support in the Senate even from his democratic colleagues. Tourism is the ticket – “its a clean industry” requiring no expense for additional services – “they come and they go.”

When interviewed I asked Moran if it was true that he supports repeal of the amendment to Virginia’s constitution that defines marriage between “one man and one woman” known as the Marshall-Newman Amendment. The amendment was ratified by 57% of the voters of Virginia on November 7, 2006. Moran said that was absolutely true while Deeds supports the amendment and McAuliffe said he would not take the time to repeal it. 

When asked what are the clear differences between you and the other two candidates Moran said its frustrating that “McAuliffe gets away with saying [promising] things while having no record.” I asked if he was prepared for tonight’s debate at the Lyric Theatre with Ben Tribbet and The Huffington Post and the possibility of questions like – what kind of cheese do you like? Moran smiled and quickly replied “American” cheese.

Moran said he was the first to propose by the year 2025 to require clean and renewable energy. He is the only one who opposes offshore drilling. “These are significant differences,” said Moran.

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Elisabeth Skoven

April 29th, 2009 at 6:50 PM    

God a whining candidate! Moran – he’s like a kid, who’s just gotten stolen his candy. If he can’t win running a positive campaign, then he don’t deserve it. Mcauliffe is the Obama in this race (which is why he leads with his voters). Obama didn’t either have a big record to run on compared to Hillary, but he was judged to be the man for the moment. Maybe because he wasn’t negative?


April 30th, 2009 at 10:40 PM    

Is T-Mac the man for the moment?

What make him the man for the moment – Big Ideas?

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