Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Burglary warning to residents during the Christmas season

Our neighborhood Community Resource Officer keeps beating us over the head – “keep your doors locked and valuables out of sight.” Police patience amazes me. Most if not all thefts in our area were do to open windows or doors. Car doors left open with valuables in plain view is another frustration for the police. Let’s give them a hand and at least LOCK YOUR DOORS!

Sliding Glass Door Entry Prevention Mechanism

Sliding Glass Door Entry Prevention Mechanism

The other day there was another burglary in the Countryside Neighborhood on Mattaponi Dr. The offender made entry by cutting the screen on the screen door and probably gently prying open the sliding glass door from underneath. We have also had similar burglaries where the offender threw something threw the glass to break it out.

The method they used on this last offense did not damage the door at all. If they had screws in place in the upper track above the door the door would not have been able to be lifted up to defeat the locking mechanism. Even still.. the locking mechanisms on these doors are not that great. You can buy some type of Charlie Bar or shove something in the door track to prevent someone from getting the door open. They also make window film that can be purchased to make the window on the sliding door break resistant. You will still have property damage during a burglary attempt, but hopefully this will discourage them and cause them to give up. The noise could also attract unwanted attention to the perpetrator.

Please encourage neighbors to hide any TV boxes, etc this Christmas and to dispose of them discreetly so that anyone prowling the area won’t be turned on to the new Christmas goodies!

Officer W. D. Wood
Zone 4 Community Resource Officer
Patrol Division – Zone 4
Roanoke Police Department

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