Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Businesses urge Goodlatte to stop stalling on Marketplace Fairness

Congressman Bob Goodlatte

Congressman Bob Goodlatte

In advance of tomorrow’s hearing by the House Judiciary Committee on the issue of marketplace fairness, a new letter signed by over 1,000 small business owners has been sent to Chairman Goodlatte today urging him to finally address this long overdue issue this year.  

See the link to the release and view a copy of the letter and note that several of the small businesses are from his VIrginia congressional District:   – http://www.marketplacefairnessnow.org/download/amsf-joint-goodlatte-letter.pdf 

The Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce has consistantly urged Goodlatte to act on sales tax fairness. In July, 2013 the Chamber along with several small businesses and local officials urged him to act. He has turned a deaf ear.

Congress needs to act on the Marketplace Fairness Act say local officials and businesses

This is what Congressman Bob Goodlatte had to say in January:

 “In September, the House Judiciary Committee released a set of seven principles to serve as a framework for any future proposals regarding an online sales tax.  These principles underline my position that states should not be allowed to impose excessive regulatory burdens on out-of-state companies, should not be allowed to discriminate against online or brick-and-mortar businesses, and should not be creating new or discriminatory taxes not faced in the offline world.  The Committee’s aim in releasing the seven principles was to generate a hearty debate involving both sides, and we will continue to work with interested parties on all sides of the issue.  In response to the principles the Committee released, the Committee has received ideas on alternative approaches to this issue that we intend to examine in more detail in the coming months.  However, as I have previously stated, I have serious concerns regarding the Marketplace Fairness Act passed by the Senate and do not believe this legislation is the answer.”

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