Friday, June 6, 2014

BYOB flyer at Repubican Convention registration has different meaning

Greg Aldridge spots me. Chip Tarbutton close behind. They support Tony Detora.

Greg Aldridge and Chip Tarbutton, Roanoke Tea Party leaders sport Tony DeTora stickers.


Ed Gillespie, Chuck Moss and yellow Shak Hill campaign signs dominated the off ramp to the Roanoke Civic Center where registration is taking place for the Republican Convention for U.S. Senate. The nominee to be selected Saturday will square off against Democrat incumbent Mark Warner.

Chip Tarbutton and Greg Aldridge, Roanoke Tea Party leaders, sported  Tony TeTora stickers.  They spotted the liberal media as I snapped their picture. Aldridge asked “what are you doing here” joking I think.

Candidate Shak Hill volunteers handed out yellow flyers matching the yellow campaign signs. The flyer asked to “Join us for a Hospitality Suite at Roanoke Range & Training” and “come shoot with us.” BYOB had a different meaning on the flyer – Bring Your Own Bullets it said.

Tonight Paul Ryan is the special guest speaker at the Republican Gala at the Hotel Roanoke.

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