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Call AG Ken Cuccinelli for advice on Roanoke’s seal

Current seal vs. Old Seal

Current seal vs. Old Seal

Where is the Tea Party when you need them. They should be up in arms over such government waste. It is a  UN Agenda 21 conspiracy after all. Call AG Ken Cuccinelli about this. He is an expert on government seals and artistic decency.

Attorney General Cuccinelli will stop using “virtuous” label pin

I suspect city manager Chris Morrill who finds Roanoke City’s seal offensive has sought Ken Cuccinelli’s advice on this – no bare half boobs should show says Ken.

On Monday there will be a discussion on reviving the older pre-1906 Roanoke City seal pictured on the right above. It is scheduled for the first briefing for 15 minutes that is sure to turn into an hour.

The City Charter states: “Except as otherwise specifically provided, no other seal shall be used for the city, and no paper issued by municipal authority,which requires the seal of the city, shall be valid, unless the seal described herein shall be duly affixed thereto.”

The newer (though still old) seal is just not indicative of a city in revival. This is a crisis of epic proportions and I’m sure it has something to do with sequestration too – everything else does according to cable news and politicians making a point.

Where is this artistic faux pas displayed throughout the city and how much will it cost to revert back to the old seal. Are the old seals sitting in mothballs somewhere?

City council at last months briefing was all about priorities and this rises to the level of emergency action I am sure. After all it has been repulsing Roanoke citizens and turning away economic development for over 100 years.

If someone asked a citizen what Roanoke City’s seal looked like I would wager they couldn’t tell you. It hangs behind the council chamber dais forcing tortured citizens to look at it as they speak at the podium. Never has any Roanoke citizen or business brought up how distasteful it is – it takes a new arrival to find fault with it. These same historical irreverent Roanokers call the Mill Mountain Star a piece of tin that justifies putting a hotel and speakeasy on it.

Enough of this silliness – we have bigger fish to fry. We have to spend money on the over budget Elmwood Park and Market Square redo and we have neighborhoods to develop with hotels.

But if city council thinks this is a priority as they study fiscal year 2014’s budget Monday I say give every citizen a magnetic seal to place of their refrigerator door. It would include a list of Roanoke department phone numbers – especially the number for waste management and don’t forget to include the home phone numbers of every city council member.

This whole “four alarm fire” seal issue reminds me of a solution in search of a problem that doesn’t exist except in the mind of the city manager.

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