Thursday, March 5, 2009

Candidate for the 11th District Not Walking Softly

Martin Jeffrey plans to face incumbent 11th district House of Delegates Onzlee Ware in a June 9 primary. He will hold a rally on Saturday at 1:30 PM behind the City Market building at Salem and Market streets.


Jeffrey has formed his campaign led by Mark Powell, filed paperwork, and is in the process of collecting signatures.


Jeffrey states: “The current Delegate has failed to adequately represent the citizens of the 11th District in his position as Delegate.  He has failed to develop a significant vision for the Roanoke Valley and the region.  The hallmark of this campaign and my tenure as a state legislator will be to establish a clear vision for the district and to be an effective advocate for the people who live in the district.”   The current delegate  has failed to address the needs of his constituents, as he has been otherwise occupied by special interests, collecting over 70,000 dollars in 2007 alone from outside this district and (indeed) from across the US.  His contributors, according to the Virginia State Board of Elections, include a litany of payday lenders, lobbyists, car title loanmakers, a long list of political action committees (PACs), and a string of alcohol and tobacco purveyors.  We ask in this open letter to the press and the public:  Is this the leadership that we need?  How has this money influenced his votes in our legislature?  Has this money colored his judgment,” asks Jeffrey. 


Jeffrey and his wife Sharron live in the Gainsboro neighborhood of Roanoke.  He is the father of four children.  Originally from Oklahoma, Jeffrey has lived in Roanoke since 1983.   He is self-employed as a consultant and also works for Elizabeth Arden.

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