Sunday, April 12, 2009

Candidate Joe Bush Calls Sheriff “Irresponsible”


Roanoke VA—Joe Bush (D-Roanoke City), Democratic Candidate for Roanoke City Sheriff, will hold a press conference on Monday, April 13th at 1 pm on the City Courthouse steps addressing the need for responsibility in running the city jail.

Joe Bush, a probation and parole officer with the City of Roanoke, said it is completely irresponsible that Sheriff Johnson did not know the training was even taking place (Roanoke Times, 4/11/09) especially because it put the lives of her deputies at risk and that she owes the public a pledge never to hold those types of trainings again.

“Sheriff Johnson told the Roanoke Times she was ‘rather surprised’ that these trainings had taken place. How could she not be aware of what type of training her deputies were receiving? Moreover, at her press conference, Sheriff Johnson did not say whether or not she would permit such trainings again. I call on her to pledge not to hold these kind of trainings again.”

Bush also noted that the county’s decision not to allow Roanoke City’s law enforcement to train at its facility is further evidence of the irresponsibility of Sheriff Johnson’s actions.

“Now we might need to pay money for our police and deputies to find another range to use. I don’t know if you can afford it, Sheriff Johnson, but our city can’t. We’re already looking at school closings and other major cuts to services. As sheriff, I pledge to look for ways that our jail can save money, rather than posing additional costs to the tax payers.”

Bush said if elected he will run all jail operations responsibly—from deputy trainings, to how the city jail spends the taxpayer’s money.

“I pledge 10% of my first year’s salary to get our jail an additional national accreditation with CALEA—which will reduce our liability insurance and make the jail eligible for grants so we can save the taxpayers money.”

“I will also be aware of trainings, and will never be ‘rather surprised’ to hear about any major trainings and operations concerning the jail, or the deputies in my department.”

This is Joe Bush’s first attempt to run for elected office, and he has a lifetime of public service and wants to continue this by helping the jail to be more cost effective, and save the city thousands of dollars.

Joe Bush has two daughters, and plans an extensive door to door campaign to meet and talk with the voters of the city of Roanoke.

The Democratic Primary for City Sheriff will take place on Tuesday, June 9th.

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