Sunday, October 23, 2011

Catawba district candidate Carter Turner wants answers

Independent Catawba District Candidate Carter Turner

There are many fundamental tenets of a democracy, although one is perfectly clear: the public has a right to know. And now the public of Roanoke County has a right to know about payments made and procedures followed in the management and mis-management of Chairman Burch Church.

I call on Chairman Church to face the media to discuss the issues raised in today’s front-page Roanoke Times story. I challenge him to debate or to discuss these charges by appearing at the County Administration Building, Court House, Fire House, library, or other public building between now and the November 8 election. I would like to raise important questions directly with him, in the presence of media, in a setting that does not allow him to intimidate the staff or public of Roanoke County.

The citizens of Roanoke County deserve to know if Supervisor Church’s treatment of Ms. Meador exposed the county to a potential lawsuit. We deserve to know if the $22,400 of taxpayers’ money paid to Ms. Meador was spent to protect the county or Mr. Church. We deserve to know who voted for the payment, and why. We deserve to know if Chairman Church’s treatment of Ms. Meador is an isolated incident or reflects a pervasive pattern of bullying and intimidation.

America has seen before the arrogance of power, but it is not a common characteristic of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

It certainly is not consistent with the basic fairness and openness that must be standards of the county and of our region.

The news story details hundreds of emails and far too many hours wasted by direct meddling that violates the principles a responsible Board Chairman should honor. Roanoke County has jobs and schools at stake; Chairman Church has taxpayers’ debt to deal with; we clearly need a positive, regional approach to economic recruitment. The time spent by Chairman Church to intimidate staff distracts from these issues; it distracts the entire Board and the entire purpose of effective leadership.

My challenge is simple – Chairman Church should face the public and adress the many issues raised by the Roanoke Times. The real “wealth” of the “Commonwealth” must be common knowledge; Chairman Church has a responsibility here and now; let him answer.

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October 28th, 2011 at 10:52 AM    

David Drake is the better solution. David understands in a Representative Republic,‘who’ we elect to represent us is important at all levels of government. What life experience they have & their world-view. David is not a politician. He is a business owner, electrical engineer, volunteer fire-fighter & EMT and an adjunct Faculty member at VWCC. He has worked for industries in Economic Development projects evaluating where to locate & build. David has also worked for industries with process evaluation. He has the expertise not in politics but in problem solving. He believes in the limited role of government. He is the real conservative who wants to help the County with tax rates, services & economic development. Visit his website for more information & be sure to vote on Tuesday Nov 8th.

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