Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chair of RCPS school board gets his point across to legislators

Delegate Onzlee Ware, Sen. John Edwards, Delegate-elect Bill Cleaveland

Delegate Onzlee Ware, Sen. John Edwards, Delegate-elect Bill Cleaveland

Local control over the start of the school year was top on the agenda for Roanoke City Schools said school board member Lori Vaught. The Roanoke City School Board and Council met with three legislators at Monday’s council briefing.

Senator John Edwards said that each year he voted against it because “it was the biggest family holiday of the year.” Edwards believes that students are not attentive prior to Labor Day but said he favored year-round school.

Both Delegate Onzlee Ware and Delegate-elect Bill Cleaveland felt differently. Cleaveland vowed to push it forward. School Board chairman David Carson said that, “we’re educating students not moms and dads.” Council member Anita Price said she would “have a conversation” with Edwards in an attempt to change his mind.

Vaught voiced concern over the negative 21.1% in the fiscal year 2009 pension fund that may jeopardize continuation of current retirement benefits.

Passenger rail service beginning with funding for bus service to prove that there is demand for rail between Roanoke and Lynchburg was on the City’s wish list.

Another item was to authorize localities to recoup the 1500 of the city’s unpaid parking tickets by having an agreement with the Department of Motor Vehicles during license renewal.

Dog rabies vaccination reporting requirements that would allow veterinarians to send a certification of vaccination directly to the treasurer of the locality where vaccination occurs.

The city also wants to limit expensive publishing of legal ads in newspapers and use other means as a way to reduce expenses.

Preventing business license renewal while delinquent in the payment of certain taxes when the business applies under a different name to avoid paying delinquent taxes.

Council member Gwen Mason’s request to authorize localities to impose a refundable fee on each cigarette sold. The “butt” would be returned for refund.

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