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Chelsea Clinton promotes affordable post-high school education at Roanoke College

Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton


Early affordable education starts early said Chelsea Clinton the daughter of Sec. Hillary Clinton the Democratic candidate for president. Chelsea backed that up with a visit to Roanoke’s Small Steps Learning Academy before her public appearance at Roanoke College where she spoke to students about Hillary Clinton’s plan for an affordable, debt-free college education.

While waiting for Chelsea Clinton at Small Steps Learning Academy Aliyah, a 14 year-old 9th grader, was busy drawing on a white board that read “First Lady President … Hillary for President.”

Aliyah writes "First Lady President ... Hillary for President."

Aliyah writes “First Lady President … Hillary for President.”

Chelsea spent time interacting with children, staff and mothers.  Pictured here with 4 year-old Talayah Banks who sat patiently with her mother Kiana Moaney.

4 year-old Talayah Banks

4 year-old Talayah Banks. Taren McCoy is the owner of Small Steps. She escorted Chelsea and made introductions.

Later at Roanoke College’s Olin Hall Chelsea sat on stage with three other students Ariana Bagherian, Myles Cooper and Brienah Gouveia from various schools talking about student debt, college affordability and how it has effected them.

Questions from young and old students ran from asking not only questions about school debt but also about improvements to the Affordable Care Act and the more recent hot topic of escalating prescription drug prices.

Chelsea spoke of the need to negotiate drug prices especially for those on Medicare (Medicare Part D). She harkened back to her mother’s attempt to do just that along with robust healthcare reform. Hillary’s initiative during her husband’s, President Bill Clinton, term was squashed by Republicans.

“Part of her original plan 20 years ago was to empower Medicare to negotiate drug prices.”

“President Obama deserves credit for achieving the Affordable Care Act,” said Chelsea. She encouraged states like Virginia to expand Medicaid and close the loophole where people who don’t make enough to fit into the ACA but make too much to qualify for Medicaid can get health insurance.

Summary of Hillary Clinton’s plan for a no tuition four-year college degree:

The emphasis will be on millennial voters and her mother’s plans for free community college and debt-free college education.

A new report says students from 79 percent of Virginia households would pay no tuition at all – a saving of up to $47,280.

Clinton will crack down on the abusive practices of for-profit colleges she says. ITT, a for-profit school, closed recently having been striped of federal funding. Thousands of ITT’s students were saddled with excessive debt for a career they were ill-prepared for.

Clinton’s plan highlights protecting Pell Grant funding that about 199,000 low and middle-income Virginia students receive. Working families who pay no tuition can also use their Pell Grants to cover non-tuition expenses. Her plan will restore year-round Pell Grant funding.

Hillary Clinton has stated that she will take immediate executive action to offer a three-month moratorium on student loan payments to all federal loan borrowers and help refinance their student loans at current rates. Refinancing would help 629,000 Virginia borrowers. Nationally, a typical participating borrower will save $2,000 over the life of his or her loan. Students would be able to enroll in income-based repayment.

As part of Clinton’s plan employers are urged to do their part. A student would get relief from debt for starting a business or social enterprise and would receive rewards for public service.

“Hillary will ensure that this year’s more than 600 Virginia AmeriCorps members who complete two years of national service and a year of public service will be able to have their loans forgiven. Teachers in high-need districts or shortage subjects will also get enhanced loan forgiveness.”

The federal government will make a major new investment to make this possible, but states will have to step up and meet their obligations as well.

Students will be expected to work 10 hours a week to help defray the full cost of attendance. Virginia colleges and universities will be accountable for reining in costs to provide value to their students; improving completion rates and learning outcomes; and providing disadvantaged students the tools they need in order to get to and through college.

The new report of Hillary Clinton’s plan follows the release of a “college calculator” announced Monday by Hillary for America — a tool in English and Spanish that allows families and students to see how much they would save under Clinton’s plan.

The full report is attached to this release, or can be viewed online here.

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