Monday, September 24, 2007

"Chipping" away at Countryside Golf Course

Right is view of Trane from Frontage Road
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“Chipping” in this case is not meant to be a golf term. It is what has been happening to the Countryside Golf Course over these many years. As we know, Newbern Properties, LLC, wants to expand it’s Trane tenant’s building adjacent to the 2nd and 3rd fairways. The Trane building has already taken away the beauty of these two fairways as it is and now Mr. Newbern tries to tell us what a “win-win” this will be for all concerned if he gets more of the Countryside property. Excuse me, but when someone starts using the “win-win” political theme it is code for “it will be a win for me” and though I am making you think I care about you I really don’t give a damn. Now as I understand it, it is some footage around the area in these pictures that Newbern wants for the Trane expansion or they will take their toys and go elsewhere. You know how any mention of a business leaving Roanoke City strikes fear into the hearts of City Council and the Administration. Mr. Newbern knows how to push the right buttons. In my opinion any more intrusion on these two fairways will only be another nail in the coffin for the golf course’s continued existence. The City of Roanoke (Administration and Mayor) have made it perfectly clear they do not plan to put a dime into the property to reconfigure holes or anything else.

View from Third Green (left)
View of Corner Second fairway and Third Tee (right)

Some may say it is only a few feet hear and a few feet there. Believe me when I say Newbern wants more than the few feet he may ultimately get. History shows that this beautiful 18-hole championship golf course has been “chipped” away over the years as owners of the golf course only sought to reap as much money as they could by selling off bits and pieces. Perhaps it was because of the impending demise of the the airport property lease in November 2008. Perhaps it was just greed. Perhaps a little of both.
Second Fairway and back of Trane

Meadowbrook, the current operators of the golf course as we all know have reaped the profits of the operation and applied little of the revenue toward upkeep. I do not think they have any vested interest in caring whether this portion of the City’s golf course property is sold to Trane or not. After all Meadowbrook’s days are numbered and I wager they will not bid on any Request for Proposal (Services) as planned for Spring 2008 when the RFP is put out for operators (per City Council’s plan). Topic to be continued.

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