Monday, October 17, 2011

Citizens speak out against chickens in northwest

Mary Young, Bishop Brown (front) Jackie and Carl Haley (rear)

Six citizens spoke at Monday afternoon’s city council meeting against chickens being part of the Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op proposal on 12-acres adjacent to the former Countryside Golf Course.

Tim Glover of Oak Leaf subdivision said the unknown effects on property values is a “risk too great to take.”

Bishop Shadrack Brown

Bishop Shadrack Brown of Garden of Prayer No. 7 who lives in the former Countryside Golf Course community explained his experience with chickens in the past. He is against the chickens as was Don Dickerson of the Miller Court neighborhood.

Mayor Bowers asked Bishop Brown about compromise since several speakers had mentioned that. Bishop  Brown confirmed to Bowers that the compromise could start with removal of chickens from the proposal.

Below is the text from Jackie Haley’s speech. Haley lives on the Laurel Ridge side of the former golf course and is the daughter of Helen Davis and niece of Evelyn Bethel.

A closed session regarding the 12-acre parcel followed the 2:00 p.m. meeting. The results of that are not known.

Sale Proposal of property to the SW Roanoke Natural Foods Co-Op for CHICKEN FARM in NW Countryside Community is LUNACY. Who is this BRAIN CHILD? The COUNTRYSIDE NW section has always been viewed as one of the most attractive and highly sought areas to own property by perspective home seekers.

Being a concerned citizen and resident of NW COUNTRYSIDE community, I am appallingly INSULTED and ENRAGED. The Planning Commission has HOOD WINKED the NW COUNTRYSIDE residents. SHAME! SHAME!

The Planning Commission proposed agricultural plants. There was NO MENTION of a CHICKEN FARM for our NW COUNTRYSIDE community. THE NWCOUNTRYSIDE MASTER PLAN has NO PROVISIONS for a CHICKEN FARM.

The Planning Commission is displaying UNJUST, DECEITFUL and COWARDLY ACTS of pursuit with the Co-Op to DUMP a CHICKEN FARM in our upscale NW COUNTRYSIDE community. This is a very VENOMOUS PLAN. Residents of NW COUNTRYSIDE entrusted the Planning Commission to act as stated with the plant agriculture plan.

NO firsthand, pertinent or substantial information was gained by the Co-Op Visitor arranged Floyd County FARM LAND trip. This is NOT a TRUE MODEL of a CHICKEN FARM in a RESIDENTAL area. Visitors noted TONS of APPLE PEELINGS dumped on the grounds, smells of fecal matter, ugly building structure and strong, pungent ,unpleasant smells from the eggs which were given.

I have a compromised immune disease. Research is available to note chicken droppings transferred by chickens into the soil may cause HISTOPLASMOSIS (lung disorder) or AVIAN FLU. In either case these diseases would be MOST FATAL for me/and or other NW COUNTRYSIDE residents.

I VEHEMENTLY OPPOSE this sale or property to SW Natural Foods Co-Op.


I beseech you to listen to my voice, voices of residents who live here, and not the voices of outsiders. I strongly urge you to disorganize and dismiss the consideration for sale of NW COUNTRYSIDE property to SW Roanoke Natural Food Co-Op.

Let Roanoke City Council and City Officials NOT become a city who does not listen to the majority voices of its citizens.

Give NW COUNTRYSIDE community citizens what they want. Retain and maintain a positive, respectful council of leadership known to value the majority over the minority rule. Strive for peaceful solutions and above all the harmony of communities in our STAR CITY OF THE SOUTH!

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