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City Council give Huff Lane neighbors a park now

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Court Rosen points to the location of improvements to Huff Lane park in March 2011.

The vote is in and there goes the neighborhood said Amy Cosner resident and secretary of the Dorchester Court Neighborhood Watch Association in her op-ed. The Dorchester and Grandview Court neighbors feel betrayed and deceived. They were sold a bill of goods in March of 2011 when three council members visited the Dorchester Court neighborhood meeting.

Council members Anita Price, Bill Bestpitch and pitchman Court Rosen presented an early rendering of two hotels that would be a couple of stories high and surrounded by extensive green space. The highlight of the Rosen’s presentation was the improvements that would take place at the relocated park.

In an email to the President of Dorchester Court, Pat Corp, it became apparent that other than locating the existing playground equipment to the other end of the park there is no money for improvements anytime soon.

Corp asked Parks and Recreation where the plan for the proposed improvements to the park stood. Promised by Rosen was a pavilion with bathrooms, relocation of the basketball courts and a tennis court.

Michael Clark, Parks and Recreation Manager wrote that improvements to Huff Lane Park are listed in the overall park system needs in the City’s CIP and they will be addressed as funding is available. “In the current fiscal year, monies have been set aside to relocate the playground to the other side of the park. Once/if the development deal is finalized, we will proceed with relocating the playground.”

Use part of the proceeds from the sale of Huff Lane Elementary school to fund the improvements now. The neighborhood at least deserves some of what was sold to them in 2011. (March 2011 photos below – Click to enlarge.Op-ed: The Emperor Has No Clothes

Rosen pushes park improvements.

Rosen pushes park improvements.



Rosen points to small parking lot.

Rosen points to small parking lot.

Bathroom promise.

Bathroom promise.

Ray McGee looks at improvement plans.

Ray McKee looks at improvement plans.

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