Monday, May 9, 2011

City employees look forward to approval of a stipend

City Employees Mowing

Roanoke City employees have not received a raise since 2008 – not even to combat cost-of-living increases.

At city council’s meeting Monday to adopt the fiscal year 2012 budget a stipend for city employees was announced by Mayor David Bowers.

The recommendation will be for a $1000 stipend to be received by all employees on June 22, 2011. Council is expected to approve the stipend at their June meeting

The city’s work force has been reduced by 10% explained Director of Finance Ann Shawver. She was confident that “we have council support to do that … it will be a nice ‘thank you’ to all the employees for their hard work.”

Mayor David Bowers reiterated the sentiment that all employees were doing more with less and are well deserving of the one-time stipend. Bowers hoped the economy would allow raises for city employees in the next fiscal year.

The stipend if approved by council will be evenly distributed to all employees regardless of their pay grade. The requirement is that they be employed for a full year and on board by June 1, 2010.

Council members will not receive the stipend nor will council appointed officers, constitutional officers, elected officers and the two assistant city managers.

“Whether someone is making $60,000 or $30,000 they will get the $1000,” said Shawver.

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