Thursday, June 3, 2010

City planning administrator says no plans for Countryside golf course


Councilwoman Anita Price at Countryside Neighborhood Picnic

In a phone call Tuesday from Chris Chittum Planning Administrator for the City of Roanoke he stated that there was nothing in the works for the golf course property. Chittum said he wanted to meet with the neighborhood to solicit input on what the adjoining property owners wanted. He also wanted to know anything that they absolutely did not want. He said too “you’re probably tired of looking at the tall grass.”

Being questioned more than once on what the “city” had in mind Chittum declared again that “nothing was in the works.”

After contacting several skeptical neighbors as President of the Countryside Neighborhood I had more questions for Mr. Chittum before setting a meeting. Who would be at the meeting – what property are we talking about – was this just a token outreach.

The story by WDBJ7 (video on the right) had a statement that contradicted Chittum’s declaration that there was nothing in the works – “”We’re told the city is talking to several developers but it’s very much in the early stages.”

The waist high grass is a surprise to two council members who voted to shut it down according to the WDBJ7 story. Council member Price attended our May Neighborhood Month picnic on May 22 and promised neighbors that the grass would get mowed.

However as reported and repeated by city administration there are no plans to mow any more than the law requires – just around the edges. Either council members are totally out of touch with “what happens to a golf course after it is shut down” or “they are pushing their political buttons.”

There are four homes just on one street for sale – two have been reduced. Ken Saunders is on his second riding mower in trying to keep the 11th fairway mowed.

Saunders is not the only neighbor mowing more then their own yard. Others are mowing out as much as they can with their push mowers.

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