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City Planning and city council ignore/amend Countryside Master Plan

Frontage Road Master Plan designed for employment.

City staff and city council are ignoring the Countryside Master Plan formulated in conjunction with the Planning Commission and the Countryside Neighborhood. City Council is also ignoring the Master Plan it adopted. Instead a portion of property intended to be “ideal for light commercial such as offices, educational uses, and light industrial development such as assembly” and meant for employment is being considered by planning and council for a sports facility. This (my neighborhood) was why we did not support the Master Plan in the first place. It could be changed  or ignored and this is exactly what is happening. “Certainty” be damned.


The Frontage planning area abuts Highland Farm Road, Tuckawanna Circle, and Frontage Road. As the low point of the property and the route of Lick Run, a large portion of the land should be designated for preservation and natural stormwater management. Approximately 22 acres are suitable for development. The pond at the eastern tip of the property could be used as a natural stormwater management feature.

This area should be oriented to uses that provide employment. The land is ideal for light commercial such as offi ces, educational uses, and light industrial development such as assembly. Buildings should be relatively small in scale. Residential uses could be included in mixed use buildings. The eastern portion of the Central area fronting on Tuckawanna Circle is designated for similar uses.

During the development of this plan, a new development broke ground in the Frontage area on property adjacent to the Countryside property. Newbern Properties is building a new 20,000 square foot offi ce and warehouse building to be occupied by Ingersoll-Rand/Trane, solidifying the company’s presence and employment generation in the area.

There is broad consensus that the barn and silo are iconic and should be preserved and reused by an entity other than the City. The condition of these structures should be thoroughly assessed to determine if adaptive reuse is feasible.

The City should sell the developable land fee simple with zoning conditions or conditions contained in a development agreement that apply the design principles.

Countryside proposal will renovate barn for baseball

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