Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cleaveland Admonishes Democrats for Unrealistic Revenue Projections

In a statement Bill Cleaveland, Republican candidate for the 17th District hoping to fill retiring Delegate William Fralin’s seat responded to Governor Kaine’s announced budget shortfall today:

“The financial situation facing the Commonwealth poses unprecedented challenges to Virginia’s families and businesses. The Democratic administration has mismanaged the Commonwealth’s finances through a series of unrealistic revenue projections, raids on our “rainy day fund” and misguided attempts to increase Virginians’ taxes. These irresponsible fiscal policies do not make sense and only further aggravate our present financial situation.

Yesterday, a press report stated my opponent believed the budget shortfall is “in the very least $700 million.” Today, the Governor adjusted the official figure to a half a BILLION dollars more than my opponent’s projection. Underestimating economic difficulties and simply hoping for the best are the origins of the current shortfall.

I will work to restore fiscal responsibility to state government. Virginia’s families and businesses are making tough budgetary decisions and we need leaders in Richmond who are willing to do the same.

Government cannot continue to expand when families and businesses are forced to tighten their own belts. Government cannot continue to increase spending at an astounding rate when we are worried about keeping the job we have or finding another job to replace the one we just lost.

Virginians deserve leadership that will produce realistic budgets based on realistic projections not wish lists based on misplaced optimism.

We need to grow our economy, not add to the tax burden. The Democratic Party’s repeated calls to increase taxes show they are out of steam and out of ideas.

I look forward to working with Bob McDonnell to pursue policies that will grow our economy, not place limits on it.

The tough choices that Virginia now faces are the same tough choices facing our families and businesses. This is why we need “common sense leadership” that will lead us to recovery. That is why I pledge to bring that kind of leadership to the 17th District.”

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