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Congressman Morgan Griffith frustrated with FEMA and the rules

Congressman Morgan Griffith

CORRECTION: Congressman Morgan Griffith meant to say “Make the changes now for those under the age of 55.” regarding Medicare changes and the Ryan plan.

Friday Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-9) while attending state senator Ralph Smith’s announcement as a candidate in the 19th district Griffith when asked what frustrated him most in Washington, DC said “FEMA.” His wife Hilary said “the rules.”

Griffith as a freshman congressman is learning patience (maybe) with the slow grind of the federal government’s wheel. He is still comfy on his office coach saying, “Thank goodness I have a good back.”

With FEMA he said, “they don’t have a formula they can show me” If they said Southwest Virginia didn’t qualify under a formula “I would understand,” said Griffith.

The people in Glade Spring and Pulaski feel mistreated thinks Griffith just because they are in different FEMA districts compared to Eastern Tennessee where tornadoes also hit hard. Tennessee received FEMA assistance.

He is hoping that Governor McDonnell’s appeal will “be taken to heart.” Washington County is gathering more information for FEMA.

This is a decision that should be based on people needing help. He complained that there was too much latitude in the decision making process.

He understood that everything can’t be black and white but “your gray areas shouldn’t be bigger than the black and the white. That’s what we have in the FEMA situation,” said Griffith.

On voting to raise the debt ceiling he said, “without significant spending cuts in the first year I will not vote to raise the debt ceiling … [cuts] got to be big.” Even the Ryan plan will not do for Griffith. “It takes 29 years before we stop borrowing money” under that plan explained Griffith.

The Ryan plan is a good first step thought Griffith but said “my generation spent the money … it is our generation’s responsibility to solve the problem and not pass this terrible debt burden on to my children.”

On cutting defense he waffled saying that was harder and we are in two wars but we need to question the spending and if is something we really need.

“I’m not an isolationist,” he said. We need to keep military bases across the world but he questions the size of the U.S. involvement. Griffith is a big defender of Israel.

He also agrees on cuts to Medicare. “Make the changes now for those over under the age of 55,” said Griffith referring to the Ryan plan.

Griffith wants a plan on the table that will get America out of debt in 10 years. “Only then can I look my children in the eye and say we got something done,” he said.

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