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Council Gives $1.547 Mil to City Schools + $500K Contingency

Councilman Dave Trinkle

Councilman Dave Trinkle

The special Roanoke City Council meeting this morning started at 8:30 AM but it took until after noon before a final vote on a dollar amount was agreed to, The $1.547 million includes the promised extra $500 thousand from a previous Council’s resolution during the Harris administration that incrementally increased funding to the schools by $500 thousand annually. So next fiscal year it will be $1 million on up to a maximum of $2.5 million in outer years.

I’ll try to explain it here. If you recall the School Board requested $3.7 million on March 26. Councilman Dave Trinkle through several Shared Services meetings this week with the School Board and finance staff from the city and RCPS came to an understanding though not total agreement on budget calculations.

Using more liberal tax revenue estimates (which also increases funding to the schools by the 36.42% formula) and additional funding from the ADM (Added Daily Membership – or pupil enrollment number) whittled it down about $1 million. The only items picked up by City Council were what was considered critical – the 31 teachers and the 3 nurse positions which came to $2.018 million. RCPS will have to find funding somewhere else for guidance counselors, intervention specialists, 40 teaching assistants, and restoration of the summer school program.

So you ask what is the contingency? The ADM as mentioned above is not in stone. The amount is based on enrollment as of the end of March. Since the number may fluctuate AND the school budget must be completed by Tuesday –  the $500 thousand is “contingent” or rather “there just in case” the ADM changes drastically. All felt that the ADM estimate by School Administrator, Rita Bishop was probably accurate. However, the School Board said they would feel much more comfortable with this contingency funding available. The ADM may even yield higher figures for the school which was understood by Council and OK with all of them. Everyone unanimously voted for it.

Councilwoman Anita Price read a disclosure statement prepared by the City Attorney, Bill Hackworth. I previous mentioned this in a prior post.

That is it in a nutshell but for those mathematicians out there here is the State formula.

((Per Pupil Amount x Adjusted ADM) – Sales Tax) x (1 – Composite Index)) = State’s Share

You can see by the previous link that calculating the “ADM” requires a doctorate in mathematics. The contingency seems like a very good idea considering. The ADM in the calculation at this point is the only variable. If I have time I’ll check for the other figures to plug in if anyone is dying to know.

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