Monday, August 30, 2010

Vice-Mayor Trinkle meets due date on tax this time

Vice-Mayor Dave Trinkle paid the meal’s tax on time for July according to Ann Shawver, Director of Finance. It was due August 20. Trinkle’s two restaurants are Fork in the Alley and Fork in the City.

After being late most every month this year Trinkle has taken a “hands on” approach to his bookkeeping. Tim Spencer, Roanoke’s assistant city attorney made it clear that the tax collected from restaurant patrons is “not a slush fund” to be used for paying other business expenses.

Shawver will have a better picture of how the meal’s tax revenue is faring by September’s due date. Each month’s revenue varies throughout the year so Shawver asked for another month to better forecast revenue in relation to the same month in 2009.

The figures will gauge expected revenue from the two percent increase in the meal’s tax. The two percent of the total seven percent will go directly to Roanoke City Schools.

Will city restaurants see a decline in patronage. Have those decrying the increase avoided eating in the city or was it just a threat. Have tips to waitresses declined.

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