Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Questions to be asked by firm selected to find new city manager

Web DSC01225Councilman Rupert Cutler sent the  questions that Colin Baenziger will pose to participants in public hearing sessions on Wednesday and Thursday to learn what folks expect from the next city manager.  The general public meeting is at 7:00 PM Wednesday, September 16 in City Council Chambers.

 General Questions:

1) Tell me what you really like about living here in Roanoke.

2) If you could change something, anything, to make it a better place to live, what would that be? [Or , what do you see as the negatives about living in Roanoke?]

3) In your opinion, what are the most significant issues facing Roanoke in the next few years?

4) Tell me your impression of your government. Are there issues in the government you want the next manager to address?

5) What kind of person do you think would be a good fit with Roanoke.


Specific things he needs to know. Some of the answers to these will come from the public meetings while others will come from the Council Members and some from personal observation.

1) What is the business community like?

 2) Is Roanoke an affordable place to live?

3) Is crime a significant issue?

 4) How is the housing? Is it affordable?

5) What are the schools like? How can a manager with a young family be assured that his/her children will get a good education?

6) How likely is it that the manager’s spouse will be able to find a job? [This question is a tough one because until you hire the manager, you do not know what the spouse does professionally, if anything.]

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