Sunday, December 8, 2013

Councilman Sherman Lea gets behind Sam Rasoul

Councilman Sherman Lea in hearing talk of a possible Independent run for the House of Delegates by Dave Trinkle and remarks made by Mayor David Bowers quoted in The Roanoke Times.

“The things I’ve heard that may have happened over the last couple of days are dirty and despicable and cause me to question the legitimacy of this nomination,” Bowers said.

“When things are done underhanded and done under the table it’s going to be hard to expose it,” he said. “It turns my stomach and makes me want to get the hell out of politics.”

Lea wanted to make clear he stands with the primary winner, Sam Rasoul.

“We as Democrats should respect the process that we choose to use to nominate our representative to the general election . Sam Rasoul won so lets get behind him as we should. Those pledges that we signed should mean something. Talk about independent campagins does not help our party. I have participated in 3 primaries and 3 general elections . My position was – in running I would either win as a democrat or lose as a democrat. Everyone lets show true leadership.”

Earlier Dave Trinkle recanted on Facebook saying:

“Let me state my position clearly. I do not intend to seek the 11th District House of Delegates seat as an independent candidate. Sam Rasoul has been chosen to represent the democrats in this race and I support his candidacy. I ask that my supporters do the same. I intend to eagerly help Sam prepare for the challenge ahead of him and will offer my expertise and knowledge whenever appropriate so he may serve as a strong voice for the Star City and Roanoke Region in Richmond. It is critical that we all work together as a team to ensure his success in the special election on January 7, 2014.”

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