Sunday, April 18, 2010

Countryside golf course 11th fairway is not shutdown

Ken Saunders mows the 11th fairway at Countryside Golf Course

Ken Saunders is in pain. Not only is he 70 years old but the one thing he loves is crumbling slowly before his very eyes. It is too much for him to bare so he is mowing as best he can the 11th fairway.

Ken lives beside the 11th green and backs up to the 10th fairway at Countryside golf course – or rather what once was Countryside golf course. Though fathers still bring their sons and daughters to play what is still playable the course is reaching the point of no return.

By “no return” that means the greens and fairways would not be repairable. Golf courses need constant care – there is no mulligan for abandonment.

Every week and sometimes twice a week you can find Ken mowing the fairway and his wife Rosanne picking up limbs and debris off the green. After that they hit a few balls and putt around on the green. Exhausted they drag back the few yards to their home next door. Friday a thankful golfer who was playing an 11th fairway round gave Ken $5 for gas and thanked him for his unselfish effort.

Ken  taught his son to play at Countryside (Arrow Wood) golf course when he was only 5 years-old. He sawed off clubs for him and used electrical tape to make grips so Kenny Saunders now 49 could  take a whack at his first golf ball.

Where is littleKenny now? He is In Cancun Mexico and a PGA Pro. He was in Vietnam managing several golf courses – CLICK HERE for The Roanoke Times Story by Randy King.

Why am I telling this little story? Ken is not the only neighbor in pain. The five homes for sale are not about to budge for any price.

Incumbent councilman Dave Trinkle came to Sweet Union Baptist Church Sunday giving his obligatory shpeal. He had no answers for those who asked about Countryside …. “some kind of green space or something” he guessed.

Will Northwest sit on their hands on election day May 4th? I think so ….

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April 23rd, 2010 at 5:08 PM    

“no return” What does that really mean?

I drove by the course today. It’s shaggy. Weeds are popping up on greens. It’s playability is nil.

But what would it take to recondition? Not much, I think. I’m no expert, but biologically speaking, the course seems recoverable to me.

So does “no return” mean “We really don’t feel like dealing with this anymore”?

If so, perhaps the transitionary council needs to get earfuls and earfuls of dealing with this.

Have a good day.



April 23rd, 2010 at 5:13 PM    

That’s what the Meadowbrook VP of Operations told me.

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