Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Countryside Master Plan amendment requires a revote

Portland Parcel sits beyond last airport runway 6 guide light.

An eagle eyed Countryside Neighborhood Alliance member who read the mailed copy of the ordinance adopted by Roanoke city council September 17 found the error. Susan Hall, Treasurer spotted it and contacted the city clerk, city manager and mayor.

The ordinance changed the Countryside Master Plan 12-acre Portland parcel from urban agriculture to recreation. City council unanimously adopted the change so the parcel can serve as part of a Sports Complex that is yet to be designed and approved.

The City Planning Commission who spent eight months with the neighborhood voted 2-5 to retain the Portland parcel as urban agriculture. It was sent to city council with a negative recommendation. City council had adopted the plan on June 20, 2011. This was to be an amendment.

However the error in the ordinance states that “Whereas, the Planning Commission held a public hearing on that date (July 19, 2012) and recommended adoption of the Plan and amending Vision 2001-2020, the City’s Comprehensive Plan, to amend the land use designation of the Portland Planning Area from Agriculture to Recreation;”

So the error is “recommended adoption” when it actually failed. Throughout the ordinance that council voted on it says “recommended by the Planning Commission.” The whole ordinance has to be rewritten. City Clerk Stephanie Moon said in an email that it will go before council a second time on October 15.

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