Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Countryside Master Plan as useful as used toilet paper

As expected the neighbors to the west were promised by city administration some walking trails and such to get them on board with the Roanoke Valley Youth Soccer fields on the 12-acre Portland parcel. The parcel was designated for urban agriculture by the Planning Commission in work sessions with the Countryside Neighborhood Alliance (which I am President of).

Monday night city council had to use a lot of toilet paper to wipe there “past promises” from their asses. If no reporter noticed the Countryside Neighborhood was not mentioned in the run up to public comment.

The city manipulation worked and now those living next to the sports complex fields will reap the consequences of unfulfilled promises. They were “used.” The Countryside Neighborhood Alliance members who abut the parcel were not included in the discussion with Miller Court. Especially the residents of Ranch Road that back up and beside that parcel. I feel sorry for them. They have not been active in the neighborhood but signed the petition and were aghast at what was planned. It is a shame they were not paying attention. Lewiston Street will get the brunt of traffic as Fernciff opens up to Peters Creek Road through Lewiston. The Sports Complex traffic will hit them the worst. Mrs. Farmer, new to our neighborhood and who lives on Lewiston couldn’t believe the decision.

The Planning Commission should refuse to do any more plans when asked by the city. They will be ignored anyway. The same for all neighborhood plans. I can tell you one thing it is a curse to know how the city manipulates the neighborhoods. You’d think a hotel replacing Huff Lane school was going to be a boon to the Dorchester neighborhood after the city spun it into gold. Then there is Evans Spring when the Valley View interchange is completed. I’m sure they are getting promises too.

I noticed that when I spoke city council members wouldn’t look me in the eye. They know full well they promised us “certainty.” Bill Bestpitch tried to sell the fact that builders will trip all over themselves to create a town center and housing next to a lighted sports fields. I predict the entire central area will become sports fields as time proves no development.

I could tell by the comments and questions by some council members that they read my previous posts. Bestpitch started with the “optional lighting” of the fields after the city, Northwest Recreation Club and Roanoke Valley Youth Soccer Club said adamantly there would be no lighting on the Portand parcel.

After 7 years of fighting to keep our vibrant neighborhood sacred the worst has happened.

Actually it is worse than even I had predicted. Council feels pressure to do something “anything” with the property after spending more than $5 million (with interest) for a golf course. What politician can refuse children and what has been presented as a boon for hotels and restaurants and the taxes they produce. In case you haven’t looked at the proposal most of the tournaments are already being played locally and the attendees fill the hotels anyway. Only a few are listed as new.

I wish people would stop telling me how “stupid it was that they closed the golf course.” It doesn’t make me feel any better. Sign sits by my door – “House For Sale” if not sold already.

Good-bye Roanoke City – I have left in spirit and will follow in body ASAP.

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Bubba Greene

September 19th, 2012 at 10:28 PM    

Awwwww, come on Val. This is just the local policy of a collective of DEMOCRATS. How could they do anything bad. Bowers idolizes FDR, Sherman see himself as some sage of the valley and a BIGGIE in the black community, Rosen was the pick of your SoRo control group, Bestpitch is best pitched and a lib to the core like yourself, Price is your token black female (every governing body HAS to have at least one, you know) Actually, don’t know much about Ferris and Dr Tinkle is probably behind on his meals tax again. How could such a diverse group arrive at anything but the best decision. I think that photo of the house for sale is yours. Nice place. How long has it been on the market now??? 5 maybe 6 years. How much have you come down in price? Lost a bundle there Val. Better get used to the idea. You will probably die in that house or at least while residing in Roanoke. Now, there MAY be hope if Romney is elected and if he can take a majority of Republicans to the house and senate with him. Things will probably be better by the end of 2013 and while you won’t net what you might like, at least a buyer can be found. VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!

Jimmy J

September 21st, 2012 at 9:58 AM    


If this decision causes you to leave in body it will be the best one council ever made. and well worth the 5 million bucks. Bon voyage. Thank ya council!

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