Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Countryside property adds extra grass to mow

Mowing Countryside

Roanoke city is mowing 50 feet out from the out-of-bounds markers on the 140 acres of what once was a treasured golf course. Just how much the city has spent on boarding up the clubhouse, making “no trespassing” signs, placing concrete barriers, taking down the range netting and repairing the sinkhole is anybody’s guess.

It is for certain that the three-man mowing crew that once was a six-man mowing crew has their hands full. Today was their first crack at mowing the city’s defunct Countryside Golf Course.

In talking with one of the three Wednesday – even with the reduced mowing cycle they needed this additional very large parcel to mow like a hole-in-the-head. Undaunted they went to work mowing the golf course rough and beside my house.

This was the first time any of the crew had seen this area remarking that it is a beautiful place. The crew is at the bottom of the barrel in the city’s pay scale.

Three swipes with the two mowers made for 50 feet. There were two mowers so they made good time on what was once the 12th fairway. These mowers remarked one crewmember couldn’t mow tall grass so looks like a fairly regular schedule of mowing can be expected of the property.

I figure these three “citizen service providers” equals one too many assistant city managers in salary.

Countryside Golf Course before and after shutdown – Video

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