Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Countryside Swim Club Demolition

At the beginning of the year I initiated a “service” request with Roanoke City Code Enforcement regarding the safety of the Countryside Swim Club area. In February several of us attended the Roanoke City Council meeting to voice our concerns regarding the acre to be sold to Newbern and at the same time voice our displeasure in that nothing had been done to clean up the pool area. The service request was referred by Mr. Hanson of code enforcement to City Planning since THEY owned the property that was not being maintained. Remember no citizen could get away with such conditions with their property. Code enforcement stated that vagrants were entering the swim club building through broken windows and the open pool water was a breading ground for mosquitoes and a health and safety hazard. At the February Council meeting Ms. Burcham stated to Council that it was all going to be cleaned up. Well it is almost July and this is all that has been done. It is worse than if there was nothing done.


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June 26th, 2008 at 3:41 AM    

Wow…that progress is too good to be true!

I’ll be playing the home course in the morning and taking my camera with me. I’ll report on the conditions here later.

One thing I did notice today when I was looking for the Countryside phone number to make a tee time…the course is not listed in the Verizon Yellow Pages…Every other golf club is listed.

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